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blackwater divingAdvanced divers only
30 minute brief and 1 or 2 dive's out. 

2 or more divers - $55/dive/person- 2 dives-$100.
Swapping of regular dive to blackwater dive-35.00
Solo diver - 95.00 per dive

If you’re a diver that like’s adventure, or a photographer that wants to see something totally off the charts, then Blackwater Diving is for you. Imagine, drifting through the open ocean at night and witnessing the upward migration of planktons and the critters that feed on them. Subjects like the Paper Nautilus, Blanket Octopus, Pelagic Seahorse’s, Larval Jack’s, Jellyfish, 10 foot Salp Chains, jellyfish, Moon Jellies , Flying fish and much much more. Crystal Blue’s dive team pioneered blackwater diving in the Anilao area using bathymetric maps, local knowledge and experience. Our dive team has located some of the best places to conduct the dives and the best times to dive them. Blackwater diving is assured to be as unique as the subjects that you will encounter.

Crystal Blue requires our guests to be advanced divers with a minimum of 50 dives before considering this type of dive. A checkout dive is required prior to the first BW dive and only conducted after a full briefing of best safety practices.

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