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Private 1:1 or Semi Private Instruction (2-4 guests) for ½ day or full day instruction and is conducted by our in-house photo pro, Mike Bartick. Each session covers skills and techniques that are used to create stunning photos and memories.

Topics include:

  • Macro Photography
  • Super Macro Photography
  • Wide Angle Photography
  • Animal Behavior Photography
  • Lighting
  • Snooting and backlighting

Each ½ day course is a 3-phased approach

  • Theory discussion
  • In-Water instruction
  • Follow up photo review and critique

Full day Courses

  • add an afternoon and night dive follow up theory and photo review.

Each style of shooting requires a special skillset. Mike will assist you in developing a method and the skills needed to shoot like a pro and to shorten your learning curve. Learn the latest techniques for using strobes, snoots, backlighting, adding color to your images and more. 

if a one day course isnt enough, try one of our Macro workshops. Each day we discuss a new topic and shot skill that will get you heading in the right direction. Exploring, shooting and editing in a group setting offers a dynamic that is both conducive and fun. Create memories, create blogs, learn to tell a story with your images for publication, to win contests or just to show mom.




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